Staking Terms

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

These Staking Terms (these “Terms”) are ‘Additional Terms’ that supplement the SuperVerse Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as it relates to staking $SUPER, EllioTrades NFTs, or SuperFarm Genesis NFTs (“Supported Assets”) through The TOU govern these Terms, and any capitalized terms used but not defined in these Terms have the meanings given to them in the TOU.

Although you will self-authorize any staking or unstaking of Supported Assets using the DAO Staker (defined below) and your wallet (collectively, “Staking”), these Terms set forth important rules and eligibility requirements for use of the staking interface (“Interface”) provided by SuperFarm Foundation (“Foundation,” “we,” “us” or “our”) to support Staking. The Interface is provided as a convenience. You do not need to use the Interface to stake or unstake Supported Assets or interact with the DAO Staker.

If you have any questions about these Terms or the Interface, contact [email protected]

  1. Changes to these Terms or Interface. We may update the Terms from time to time in our sole discretion. If we do, we will let you know by posting the updated Terms on the Site. It is important that you review the Terms whenever we update them or you use the Site. If you continue to Stake after we have posted updated Terms, it means that you accept and agree to the changes. If you do not agree to be bound by the changes, you must stop using the . We may suspend or modify the availability of the Interface at any time, and without notice.

  2. DAO Staker; Rewards; Limitations; Unstaking. Staking works through blockchain transactions between (1) a wallet and (2) a software contract published on Ethereum’s blockchain designed to reward any Supported Assets staked to it for that purpose (“DAO Staker”). As such, we do not own or operate the DAO Staker. Nor do we own or operate any wallets, validation nodes or other blockchain infrastructure that are necessary to interact with the DAO Staker. See our FAQs for summaries of a few of the intended operations of the DAO Staker. You can—and should—review, inspect or audit the DAO Staker to learn how it works. Please re-review our TOU for more important limits on our liability.

  3. Staking Option. If you connect your Wallet to the Site, the Interface will provide information to help you self-authorize the “staking” of some or all of Supported Assets in your Wallet in exchange for Rewards through the DAO Staker. You are not required to stake any Supported Assets, whether through the Interface or on your own. You can request to unstake via the Interface or the DAO Staker at any time. Both staking and unstaking Supported Assets require blockchain transactions. These carry transaction fees, which may fluctuate with traffic. If you use the Interface for Staking, your Wallet will calculate and present any such fees to you at the time of your decision to stake.

  4. The Interface.

    1. The Interface aggregates and publishes publicly available information about Staking in a user-friendly and convenient format. The Interface only works with Supported Assets held in supported Wallets (see Eligibility below). It supports technologically sophisticated users by displaying anticipated Rewards and, if instructed, drafting unsigned transaction messages for your review. You may only use the Interface for assistance in carrying out your intentions, as an aid to your own research, due diligence and decision-making.

    2. Features

      1. Rewards Estimate. The Interface is currently designed to estimate Rewards only in the form of ETH or $SUPER. Because the Interface estimates Rewards based on current blockchain data, the Rewards rate you earn on any Supported Assets you deposit may change by the time you sign a Staking transaction.

      2. Staking & Unstaking. The Interface can draft transaction messages to stake Supported Assets and unstake Pooled Assets and redemption of accrued Rewards. By default, staking and unstaking transactions are written to settle within two blocks of transmission of a signed transaction.

    3. Drafting Transactions. By combining publicly available information and your interactions with the Interface, the Interface can draft standard transaction messages designed to be compatible with your Wallet and the DAO Staker. These drafts are designed to accomplish your operational goals as expressed through your interactions with the Interface. All draft transaction messages are delivered by the web Interface via an API to your Wallet after pressing “Connect Wallet” (or similar) on the Interface or elsewhere on

    4. Reviewing Transactions. Before using any information from the Interface (including any draft transaction messages presented through your Wallet) to engage in transactions, you must independently verify the accuracy of the information and the consistency of such draft transaction messages with your intentions.

    5. Signing Transactions. After you review a draft transaction, you must choose whether to authorize it. If you authorize a draft transaction, your Wallet will broadcast the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain. Any transaction or ‘gas’ fees are set and controlled by your Wallet.

  5. No Guarantee. The Interface is designed to read public information about the DAO Staker and Pooled Assets. If you choose to use the Interface to draft blockchain transaction for you, whether to stake or unstake Supported Assets, only you can review and authorize a transaction. The Interface does not transact any assets held in your Wallet or otherwise connect your Wallet with the DAO Staker. Unless otherwise specified, any “staking rate” or “rewards rate” the Interface may disclose is an estimate and may change over time as determined by the DAO Staker and as described under Rewards. NEITHER THE FOUNDATION NOR THE SUPERVERSE DAO GUARANTEES OR PROMISES THAT ANY TRANSACTION OF SUPPORTED ASSETS WILL CARRY OUT YOUR INTENTIONS OR EFFECT STAKING OR THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE ANY REWARDS AND THE RETURN OF ANY POOLED ASSETS YOU MAY ALLOCATE. NEITHER HAS ANY LIABLITY TO YOU FOR ANY FAILURE TO RECEIVE OR EARN REWARDS, OR ANY LOSS OF PRINCIPAL, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE INTERFACE, THE DAO STAKER OR BY ANY OTHER REASON.

  6. Eligibility. Users who wish to stake through the Interface must meet certain eligibility requirements, as set forth here or otherwise disclosed in our TOU:

    1. Users. You must:

      1. be of legal age in the jurisdiction in which you reside to use the Interface and the DAO Staker, and you have legal capacity to consent and agree to be bound by these Terms;

      2. have all technical knowledge necessary or advisable to understand and evaluate the risks of using the Interface and the DAO Staker;

    2. Wallets. The Interface only supports the compatible third-party wallet application or devices currently indicated on (collectively, “Wallets”). Supported Wallets may change over time. Please contact us if you are unable to use the Interface with a Wallet you previously used in connection with the Interface.

    3. We may disallow use of the Interface for or by a particular user for any reason and at any time in our sole discretion, such as if you violate the TOU.